Gustavo T. Pfeiffer

Currently I am a Ph.D. candidate in Information and Communication Engineering at the University of Tokyo, supervised by Prof. Yoichi Sato.

Previously, I did research for many years at the Computer Graphics Laboratory (LCG), of COPPE-UFRJ, as a M.Sc. student from PESC-UFRJ and as an undergraduate research student during my graduation in Computer and Information Engineering at UFRJ. Before entering LCG, I had also worked with Petroleum Reservoir Engineering at LABMA-UFRJ.

My research encompasses various themes within computer graphics and vision, including 3D reconstruction, physically-based appearance modeling and vision-based interaction. Currently I am working on stochastic optimization methods for inverse problems in computer graphics.


  • E-mail: gtpfeiffer "at"


Probabilistic Matching Problems

Vision-Based Interfaces

BRDF Fitting

Photograph-Geometry Alignment

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History Matching (Petroleum Reservoir Engineering)

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